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Victory Swing

"It didn't  take me long to say I'm In The Mood now!"

                                                          - Glenn Miller 1939

Well Hi-di-ho! It's 1945 and The Andrew Sisters are number 1, so grab your Rum and Coca-Cola and join us for a night to remember!


From the moment your guests arrive we'll get them In The Mood. With retro charm and charisma we'll bring to life the fun of the forties. 

1940s Swing Dancers Melbourne
Belles web2-3.jpeg

Dancing and singing to much loved melodies of the wartime era with the upmost energy and rhythm, the Victory Swing dancers and singers will have everyone swingin' in their seats. 


Want to learn some steps? Grab your sweetheart, join us on the dance floor and let's all swing to Victory.

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