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New Year's Eve Soirée

Immerse yourself, and let us transport you to our world of sophistication, glitz and glamour...This is The Gatsby Party.

Join us this New Year as we celebrate new beginnings and bring in 2022 the only way we know how. They didn’t call it the roaring twenties for nothing and when you meet our Gatsby family, you’ll understand why. 

Toe tappin’ jazz, fancy footwork and dazzling performances, (and did we mention the cocktails...oh my!) This line up is not to be missed, starring The Shuffle Club, The Wild Tonics and of course our fabulous Gatsby Girls and Guys. 


So, join us old sport, (it’s been a while) and let the party begin.

A non stop night of entertainment, we will have you dancing into the night and leave you hollering for more.


See you on the dance floor...

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