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Jukebox Jive

"It's gotta be rock 'n' roll music, if you wanna dance with me"                 

                                                                     - Chuck Berry 1957

Jukebox Jive-1.jpg

It’s time to turn up the jukebox and rock around the clock!

Greeting your guests the Jukebox Jivers will take you back to the musical revolution that was Rock and Roll!

The whole room will be casting their eyeballs on these jivers when they hit the dance floor with their electrifying energy and moves to make your spine tingle.

The Jukebox Jivers will show you how to throw your mittens around your kittens and dance the night away with a few fun moves straight from 1955. The whole crowd will be diggin' the jive!

Jukebox Jive-2.jpg
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