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Unleash your inner temptress as we guide you and your friends through the art of tease. We'll teach you the perfect pin-up poses and how to strut with sass.  

You'll become a master of the feathers and shimmy like Josephine Baker and 

Gypsy Rose-Lee. 

Celebrating all shapes, sizes (and those with two left feet!), the bride-to-be and all her hens will have a glamorous time together.


60 or 90 minute workshop

2 professional performers/teachers

Vintage games

Sexy burlesque routine

Photoshoot accessories

Bottle of bubbly for the bride-to-be

Footage and photos to keep

We always provide 2 professional performers/teachers to run your workshop in order to give you the best possible experience! This also means that we are able to capture your party on camera in detail. It's always a pleasure to gift our hens with an edited short film, as well as some fabulous photographs!

Burlesque Pin Up Hen Party Melbourne
Burlesque Pin Up Hen Party Melbourne
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